Effortless Beauty + Positive Impact

Adorn yourself with jewelry that effortlessly helps you feel stronger, more confident and radiantly beautiful while knowing you are contributing to a better future for us all.

-Sustainably handcrafted with recycled precious metals

-Made to be worn daily and cherished for generations

-All packaging is recyclable + recycled or FSC certified and plastic free

-Each piece ordered = 1 Kg of ocean bound plastic is collected and processed via my partnership with CleanHub

About Juel

As a young girl I loved making beaded jewelry and giving it to friends and family. Creating something with my hands that people loved and wore felt like such an honor.

As an art student, obsessed with learning and taking advantage of the amazing facilities I had access to, I spent a decade deeply exploring ceramics, bronze casting, glass casting, sculpture and printmaking.

After graduating with a BFA in Spatial Arts (aka sculpture) I knew it was time to take everything I'd learned in school and apply it to the artform that first captured my heart, jewelry.

As a mother of two it is important to me to create work that can be passed down to my daughters daughters and to live and work as sustainably as possible for all the generations to come.

Inspired by clean lines, stark contrasts and evocative patterns I see jewelry as wearable sculpture that has the power to elevate and transform us...efortlessly.


 I begin by working directly with materials; shaping, adjusting, and layering brass wire to create three dimensional “sketches”. Once I have perfected the design I use the traditional metalsmithing techniques of cutting, soldering, hammering, and polishing to bring the “sketch” to life. Each piece is then thoughtfully finished with a texture that enhances the impact of the design. 


A dream come true, construction of my studio was completed in 2019. Nestled in the heart of Santa Cruz, California surrounded by awe inspiring natural beauty and a mere twenty-eight steps from our back door I refer to this space as my Happy Place. Filled with light and views of our garden this is where my imagination and creativity take shape.

Made to be worn daily and cherished for generations

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